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the heart is the philosopher's throne

an armor, an arsenal

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Jukebox Hound
20 March 1988
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Fanfiction, art, and such related things are not flocked and can be accessed by anyone. Only personal entries are flocked, so really, you're not missing much. Anonymous commenting is temporarily disabled because the spam is getting ridiculous.

My pseudonym is Jukebox Hound, but for almost a decade before that it was Hades' Phoenix, so you'll see fic listed under both names. I'm American, a tutor and teacher's aid, just finished a MSc in Scotland, and have unhealthy obsessions with music, animated .gifs, and avocados.

1. The full list is here.
2. Fic is never flocked. You don't need to friend me to read it.
3. General warning for various forms of sexuality, torture, crack, potentially delicate issues, and adult themes. Just heed the warnings I add to every post if you think it's going to be a problem, or send me a message.

Have at it, I don't mind, but usually I only friend back if I know you or have at least exchanged a few words with you. That said, I'm always happy to chat.

I try to respond to everyone's comments but I have a tendency to forget. If you don't get a reply within a reasonable amount of time, poke me.

1. fic masterpost || fanmix masterpost
DreamWidth journal (purely for archiving fic with lots of tags).
3. AO3.
4. FanFiction.Net.
5. List of fic recs on Diigo.
6. Tumblr.


Current playlist:
Foreigner - "Jukebox Hero"
Rolling Stones - "Laugh, I Nearly Died"
Sponge - "Plowed"
Hooverphonic - "Nirvana Blue"
Audioslave - "Gasoline"
Pink Floyd - "One Slip"
Rise Against - "Approaching Curve"

Banner background by Rage Angel, graphics by me.
Journal layout by das_porno_uke.
Journal title from Saul Williams, "Coded Language"; subtitle from The Cribs, "Be Safe."

1x2, 1x2x5, 2x5, academic circle-jerk, aeris/tifa, always five o'clock somewhere, anarchism, anatomy, angels, angelslash, antichrist, antiques, armchair psychology, art, bacon-flavored lube, bibleslash, bisexuality, blasphemy, born under a rock, california, calligraphy, chocolate, classic rock, coffee, damask, demons, devils, dissection, dogs, drawing, dreams, emotionally stunted, fanfiction, femmeslash, ff7, ff8, fic, fight the fairies, final fantasy vii, final fantasy viii, fire, forensic pathology, freshly sharpened pencils, fuck my anger problem, fuck yeah aries, fuck yeah books, fuck yeah coffee, fuck yeah fire signs, fuck yeah mustard, fuck yeah prescription medication, fuck yeah satan, fuck yeah tattoos, fuck yeah wolves, fuck you anne rice, fuck you twilight, gaeilge, gargoyles, genealogy, going to special hell, good grades without studying, graveyards, gundam wing, guns, gw, halloween, holmes/watson, horror movies, hot showers, i find you fascinating, i need more tattoos, inappropriate humor, ireland, jesus/lucifer, keys, knives, latin, leather jackets, like a boss, locks, lol black lipstick, lol philosophy, lol too many tags, lucifer, martial arts, movies, my degree in bullshit, my steak still mooing, necrophilia saves the virgins, neil gaiman, neo-paganism, nightmares, non providentia sed victoria, occult, ot4, ot5, painting, pansexuality, paradise lost, piercings, pocketwatches, pop-culture references, porn, pyromania, raphael/asmodeus, reading, recovering harry potter addict, red lipstick, red meat, redwoods, religion, religious studies, rock 'n roll, rosaries, sam/dean, sandman, santa cruz, satan, saturday mornings, sephiroth/cloud, setting shit on fire, sex is beautiful, shamanism, sherlock holmes, slash, spirituality, spn, stop hitting yourself, supernatural, tarot is not carrots, tattoos, the sinner's prayer, the voices told me, theology, they see me rollin', troll irl, vampires, victoriana, watching you sleep, weapons, wincest, wolves, writing, yaoi, you whore, you're just jealous, zombies

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