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fic: the language of angels (gw)

The Language of Angels
Written 2 November 2007
Pairings: 1x2; 3x4; past 5xMeiran
Summary: Learning to love death means learning to love life. (Incomplete.)
Warnings: Language, some blood and violence, Shinigami!Duo and other supernatural stuff.  (Yay!)

Still in the very beginning stages, technically started a few months ago and then put on hold in favor of Imperfect Tense.  Sorta hoping to finish in time for GWYaoi's next novella challenge, but knowing me, that probably won't happen.  Meh, an amateur can dream.

Chapter 1  
Chapter 2


Updated: 3 November 2007
Tags: - fic, f: gundam wing, p: 1x2
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