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drabble: dichotomy (KH)

Summary: (Post-KH2) Sora thinks he and Riku are equals, no matter the past, but Riku can’t help but compare them.

I started this a while ago and totally forgot where I was going with it--something about the differences between Riku and Sora and light and darkness, or something to that effect--so now it’s a drabble that may, one day far in the future, turn into something more.  But not now.


Hades’ Phoenix


In the days since their return to the island, Riku would find himself glancing into every mirror and window that he passed.  It was not to satisfy some narcissistic need; it was still a novelty, even then, to see green (not gold) eyes staring back at him.


“You spend way too much time at the mirror,” Sora teased, slinging an arm around Riku’s shoulders and flashing a grin into the silvered glass.  “We’re gonna be late for school and Kairi will kick our asses.”


Riku no doubt smirked in return and said something baleful about Sora’s masculinity, but in his head he was running the sight of Sora’s blue eyes, bright as beach stones, over and over like poor film.  Looking at his own eyes made something slick and cold grip his spine, so he only ever glanced long enough to see green-not-gold before turning away.


Standing in front of a class again reminded him of standing before his army of Heartless—so many glittering eyes watching him, silently, a single one not much more important to him than as a vague abstract (classmates, his mother called them, peers, as though everything he had seen and done counted for nothing).  It made his skin itch and his fingers twitch for the Keyblade, to put something between himself and the rest of the world.


Then he would see Sora, and Sora would be smiling, laughing, acting like a normal kid that had never killed or been betrayed.  Riku would feel the old anger and a slightly newer jealousy; but then Sora would turn that smile to him, and suddenly it would all drain away into a self-loathing for being envious of something he had once thrown away.



Tags: - fic, f: kingdom hearts, p: riku/sora
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