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fic: the world has teeth (dishonored; corvo/outsider)

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May. 20th, 2015 | 09:25 pm
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music: wulftech - "corner (ad astra remix)"

Part of me refuses to give up LJ completely.

the world has teeth
Dishonored || R (sexuality, violence); post-Low Chaos || Corvo/The Outsider || ~13.5k words

The Outsider says, "I will give you a name, as I did for Daud. I do not play favorites, Corvo, but I'm interested to see which future you will choose when you realize how easily it could have all fallen apart, no matter how hard you tried or how many despots you ruined."

Corvo's tempted to ask why are you doing this even though he already knows the answer.

"Find Delilah."


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