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fic: whisky dick (spn)

Whisky Dick
SPN || PG || Sam, Dean
Postcard!fic, in which there are Scottish Winchester shenanigans.
  • the last of my actual Christmas postcards, this one for tir_synni 

I tell myself this is the guy in the skirt kilt. (Mostly SFW.)

The other postgrads and I in Edinburgh Uni had a debate on "whiskey dick."  We had to explain the concept to the German guy (the one with whom I have a 'porn one-upmanship'); his response was, "It must be a Scottish problem.  It is from drinking too much whisky, yeah?  You won't find that in Germany."  Cue ranting from the Scottish student and smugness from the German. 

I chose it for a title because it makes me snicker to myself, and because Dean would likely take it as a challenge.  (Please forgive the American spelling of 'whisky' in the pic, I didn't catch it until just now.)

Tags: - fic, - gift stuffs, f: supernatural, p: gen, t: oneshot
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