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fic: this isn't going to wash out (ff7)

Surprise for tir_synni , who manages the kind of daily schedule that would have me breaking down with the stress.  I don't know how she does it.  I think this is the most explicit thing I've ever written so it may be rather off and I...I don't even know, but it's in the name of friendship and her tentacle!fic and my guilty love of wing!fic, I guess?  Love you, darling.

This Isn't Going to Wash Out
FF7 || NC-17: anthro!tentacle!sex, omgwut || Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud || 3,650 words
Cloud can't decide if this the hottest or weirdest thing they've ever done.

"Goddamnit," says Cloud. He wonders if there's a clause in some kind of insurance policy for this sort of thing.

"Indeed," Sephiroth adds mildly.

"Um," says Zack. His smile is full of teeth. "My bad."

Cloud tries to shift his weight and nearly topples over with the newly added weight on his shoulders, but Sephiroth catches him with three or four of his limbs and sets him back on his feet.

"Thank you," says Cloud very calmly.

Sephiroth nods and looks at Zack with a cool eye. "We should bring the texts with us. I imagine you won't mind carrying them."

Zack ears droop a little with guilt as he looks between his paws, the books scattered around the witches' living room, and the other two. "I'll grab them and meet you guys back at the car."

The sapphire-blue 1970 Chevy Chevelle gleams in the first light of dawn, the sun peering pink just over the horizon. It takes some maneuvering to get Sephiroth into the front passenger seat; his tentacles keep slipping and sliding all over the place, resisting all attempts to tuck them neatly into the footwell. Cloud finally wraps a blanket from the trunk loosely around them, though the blanket continues shift