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prompt fic: tenacity (ffvii)

For: tricksterschild
Prompt: "Cait Sith/ Nanaki (not necessarily paired but companions) - discussing the oddness of humans. I would assume this would be during the game but could be set at any time. Although if its after the game, it might be Reeve/Nanaki."
Note: Pretend Cait Sith is still around.
Word Count: 463

It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

"You think the laddie will ever get a clue?"

Nanaki huffed with laughter, lazily flicking his tail. "I doubt it."

He and Cait Sith were sitting on the bridge of the Highwind, leaning over the railing behind the cockpit to the lower open deck and watching the odd mating display that was Tifa hovering over Cloud.

"You want any help with that, Cloud?"

Cloud looked up from polishing his sword and gave her an odd look, deservedly so, because seriously, what the hell. "Uh," he said. "No. Thank you."

She deflated a little

"Methinks she ain't quite understanding that Cloud wouldn't understand subtlety if it wore leather and carried a sword."

"Cait Sith," Nanaki said disapprovingly, "I think that is hardly appropriate."

But Tifa was made of sterner stuff. "Hey Cloud, you hungry? I can make you something. Uh, Nibelheim shepherd's pie? You always liked that."

Cloud's brow scrunched up as he visibly rifled through the jigsaw puzzle that was his memory. "No, I didn't."


"Pretty sure."

She slumped again.

Nanaki coughed into a paw, and no, it wasn't a laugh, he was far too sensitive to make fun of other people's foibles. Cait Sith had his own little paws slapped over his mouth as he did a jig.

"We're heading towards the Northern Crater," Tifa tried again, and her tenacity really had to be admired.

"…Yes. We are."

"We, um, might die."

"That's a distinct possibility."

Cait Sith was trying so hard to be quiet that Nanaki could swear he heard a gear pop.

"It might, uh, get cold at night."

When Cloud looked at her, it was with an expression that clearly showed concern for her mental health. "I doubt it'll be worse than the winters we grew up in."

The muscles of Tifa's arms stood out as she clenched her fists. Nanaki shook his head.

"Rather painful, ain't it?" Cait Sith observed cheerfully.

"I admit I don't fully understand why she continues trying. Cloud is obviously too focused on stopping Sephiroth to see Tifa's intentions."

"Ah, love. Humans ain't rational people, y'know, way too much emotion bubblin' up inside."

"What do you mean?"

The cat pulled out his dice and deftly rolled them between his digits, carefully avoiding the little steel claws and giving Nanaki a wink. "Chance and probability, lad, most of the world can be mapped by chance and probability. But humans don't fit that mold so well, they go gallivanting around with all that emotion and messin' it all up."

"Are you saying that only humans have emotions?" And if Nanaki was capable of it, he'd be arching a brow, but Cait Sith just chortled.

"I'm a robot, what would I know?"

"...More than most might think."

Tags: - fic, f: final fantasy vii, t: challenge, t: oneshot
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