April 14th, 2012

ff7 - cool shades

fic: while everyone's lost (the battle is won) (avengers, steve/tony)

When in doubt with FF7, write Avengers instead.

While Everyone's Lost (The Battle Is Won)
Avengers (Earth-19999/movie-verse) || PG-13 || Steve/Tony || 6,900 words
Steve closes his eyes in 1945 and wakes up in 2012.  Well. They certainly didn't put that on the recruiting poster.
  • Warnings: talk of politics, mental illness, PTSD, the Holocaust.
  • Title from The Killers' "All These Things that I've Done."
  • Companion to The Minor Fall, the Major Lift, heavy on the 616 canon and the Smithsonian scene from Captain America: Man out of Time.

DW || AO3

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