September 20th, 2009

ff7 - cool shades

omake: eir's tomorrow sidestory - typecasting


The movie that we watched for this was Thor: Hammer of the Gods, on Scifi.  I mean, Syfy.  (Except that I’m a couple hours behind the other two and so I got most of the MSTing before watching it.)  artimusdin started it with her OMG EIR’S!CLOUD WOULD BE HORRIFIED AT THIS and my LOL HE TOTALLY WOULD, and chofi got some input of her own.


Written for croixsouillees, because my promise of drabbles for her actually made me take fucking notes during the movie.


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ff7 - cool shades

fans are rabid.

Not much is sacred to me and I'll find a way to slash the straightest of characters, but this reminds me why I resisted watching Supernatural for so long.  Suppose I just don't understand why some fans are so deadly serious about their OTPs.  o.O
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