June 21st, 2002

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  • Mass disclaimer: Not my characters, not for profit, etc.

  • General warnings: Foul language and innuendo.  Themes like suicide/murder, torture, sexuality, discrimination, mental illness, and occasionally noncon/rape.  I do enjoy writing crack, however.

  • Organization: Fandom, then chronological order of publish date.

I strongly recommend keeping an eye on the publish date. The older something is, the more embarrassing it is.  At some point I'm going to go through and cull a bit, soon as I have the motivation to back it all up for my own archival purposes.


untitled 'Carol + back-from-the-dead!Steve'
MCU || PG - post-Civil War || Carol, Steve || ~480 words
For captainsmarvelandamerica, who wanted a take on the background convo between Carol and Steve on his miraculous return from the dead post-Civil War.

Lessons Learned at a Crucial Point in Time
21 Dec 2012 || PG-13 || Tony Stark, the team || ~4,860 words
Several times Tony had no one to save him but himself, and one time he did.

Dreaming Electric
27 Oct 2012 || NC-17 || Steve/Tony (Tony/Pepper breakup, bawww) || ~48,000 words
New York City is still rebuilding in the wake of the Chitauri army when the biotech virus Extremis is released, upgrading a lone domestic terrorist into a posthuman threat. Tony would’ve been happy to keep going on playing with alien tech in his lab, saving average citizens as Iron Man, and pretending not to notice these other people moving into his tower, but sometimes a person just can’t have nice things.
this grey house where I come from
18 Aug 2012 || MCU || PG-13 || Steve/Tony, past Tiberius/Tony || 3,900 words
There was never any actual violence, nothing dramatic or traumatizing, so Tony doesn’t know why ancient history can occasionally make him feel nauseous, or why some of the most innocuous and nonthreatening things that come out of Steve’s mouth can make his breath stutter.

And You Wonder Why We Ain't Got Nothing to Say
15 May 2012 || MCU || PG-13: drug-use || Tony+Bruce being SCIENCE BROS || 1,550 words
"You really have got a lid on it, haven't you? What's your secret? Mellow jazz? Bongo drums? Huge bag of weed?"

Put My Guns in the Ground (I Can't Shoot Them Anymore)

  • MCU; PTSD and team dynamics

1. The Minor Fall, the Major Lift
12 Mar 2012 || MCU || PG-13 || light Steve/Tony || 4,800 words
2. While Everyone's Lost (The Battle Is Won)
14 Apr 2012 || MCU || PG-13 || Steve/Tony || 6,900 words


the world has teeth
1 May 2015 || R (sexuality, violence); post-Low Chaos || Corvo/The Outsider || ~13.5k words
The Outsider says, "I will give you a name, as I did for Daud. I do not play favorites, Corvo, but I'm interested to see which future you will choose when you realize how easily it could have all fallen apart, no matter how hard you tried or how many despots you ruined." Corvo's tempted to ask why are you doing this even though he already knows the answer.  "Find Delilah."

the world cuts deeper (when love's in my hands)
31 Dec 2013 || R (violence); High Chaos!Corvo, Low Chaos!Daud || Billie Lurk/Delilah Copperspoon || ~3,800 words
When Daud dies, Billie is heading for a ship to take her to Morley.

  • For tumblr's Dishonored Secret Santa.

The Boatman, Crossed by Death
6 Aug 2013 || R (violence) || The Outsider, Samuel, Corvo || ~7,500 words
"I know all the stories," says the Outsider. "I know all the beginnings, and all the endings. But it's the telling of them that changes, and Samuel knows far more than he thinks he does."

crossing the heartline
21 Jun 2013 || PG-13 (Low Chaos) || Corvo, the Outsider || ~840 words
He tells himself that he doesn’t kill every goddamn target because she wouldn’t have wanted him to. He reminds himself that Emily shouldn’t begin her reign on a foundation of corpses infected by something much more ruthless than plague. Truth is: it isn’t true. Not entirely.

Final Fantasy Crossovers

Imperfect Tense
WIP || R || Seifer/Squall; Sephiroth/Cloud
Jenova's legacy, living on through the Sorceresses, means that Squall has an unstable Seifer on his hands as well as another impending apocalypse. He doesn't know what to do with these awkward people claiming to be ancient warriors brought back to fight an alien menace, and really, maybe paperwork hadn't been so bad after all.

Human Wreckage
10 Jan 2015 || PG-13 (language) || Squall, Cloud, Lightning || ~1,400 words
No one wins in the Oppression Olympics, but some people do suck better than others.

  • Part 3 of the Perspective & Opinion series.

You Got It Made (With the Guy in Shades)
11 Jul 2014 || PG-13 (language) || Squall, Cloud, Lightning || ~2,500 words
People who can hold coherent conversations about feelings with the titles of songs from the 80s and 90s deserve their own level in hell.

  • Part 2 of the Perspective & Opinion series.

The Asshole Effect
4 Jun 2014 || PG-13 (language) || Squall, Cloud, Lightning || ~2,400 words
A book of absurdity, a pencil with a fancy stamp, and a rambling conversation between three assholes in Starbucks.

  • Part 1 of the Perspective & Opinion series.

Final Fantasy VII

the fight goes on in this the babylon
18 May 2015 || NC-17 (sex, mild D/s, trauma recovery); post-AC || Sephiroth/Cloud || ~29.5k words
When Sephiroth is discovered in the heart of Aeris' church, floating naked on his back in the shallow pool of rainwater, time stands still. It stands still like every cliché in which Cloud's heart stops, fear and hatred and his heart clawing at his throat like rats. It stands still and for a moment Cloud exists as a hollow shell, a rain of bullets on a lonely cliff, a sword through the back and the slow fall of a little marble into a still lake.
Eir's Tomorrow
24 Jul 2014 || R (violence, PTSD, time travel) || Sephiroth/Cloud, Zack/Aeris, Aeris/Tifa
Cloud is the Planet's greatest weapon, and if he can't fix old wrongs and battles then he may end up being the means by which it all ends (again).

21 Mar 2014 || PG-13 || Zack, Cloud || ~1,100
Sometimes your worst enemy is just normal life.

Black Magic Woman
Fusion with SPN, which essentially means a modern AU with monster hunting.

How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?
7 Jun 2011 || || PG || gen/OT3 subtext
Postcard!fic for artimusdin.

An Expert in Name-ology
18 Jun 2011 || PG-13 (language, threats of bodily harm) || Zack, Sephiroth/Cloud || 1,000 words
How Zack settled on 'Spike' as Cloud's fanon nickname.

Don't Nobody Know (But God)
24 Apr 2011 || PG-13: complete AU || hinted Zack/Cloud, Sephiroth || 730 words
But none of ‘em see the angel by the door ‘cept the man that saw ‘imself reflected in a corpse’s eyes, an’ if that corpse were once the person Strife loved most in all this ugly world, well, ain’t no-one gonna say life’s anywhere near kind.
Imagine Them All in Their Underwear
13 Feb 2011 || PG-13 - language, innuendo || Zack/Cloud, Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud/Aeris || ~1,800 words
Zack wants Cloud's help, but passing notes in front of the whole of ShinRa while the president is giving a speech probably isn't the way to ask.
Breathe In
4 Feb 2011 || R - sexuality, drug-use || Zack/Cloud || 4,200 words
Shotgunning and a lazy evening sky.
7 Sep 2010 || PG || unrequited Tifa/Cloud || 460 words
It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

Lament for the Death of Dark Gothic Innocence
28 Jul 2010 || PG13 - language, innuendo || Zack/Aeris, Vincent, Cid || 1,300 words
“I dunno, I kinda like spending my Friday nights hanging out in dark forests full of blasphemy,” he replied. “How about you?"

The Satisfaction of Being Right
6 Jul 2010 || PG13 - language || suggested Sephiroth/Cloud || 220 words
"I was totally right."
2 Feb 2010 || PG13 - language || Sephiroth/Cloud || 1,900 words
Sephiroth wasn't very pleased to catch Cloud slipping into his quarters.
20 Sep 2009 || PG13 - language, innuendo || Sephiroth, Zack, Cloud || 2,000 words
Bad movies and homosocial bonding.  No one can resist Zack and his ideas.
WIP || R || Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud+Aeris || fusion with Wolf's Rain
Wolves, humans, and the true nature of monsters. For Cloud, searching for the Promised Land means finding, and losing, parts of yourself.

Living Chemical Child
WIP || PG-13 || Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud || crossover with Fullmetal Alchemist
It wasn't like Hojo had left clear instructions on how to reverse a sacrifice to the Gate.

Dead Gods
1 Oct 2008 || R - sex, bloodplay || Vincent/Cloud || 780 words
Sweat ran down Cloud’s forehead, following the curve of his skull to tickle the nape of his neck.

7 Sep 2008 || R - horror || Hojo, Zack, Cloud || 1,300 words
Loyalty.  It's something Hojo doesn't understand.

  • Podfic by Instalindir (download link hosted by Mediafire)

14 Aug 2008 || PG || Aeris/Tifa || 240 words
When most people looked at Tifa, all they saw were her large breasts and legs that went on forever.

8 Aug 2008 || Hard R - Violence, not-quite-necrophilia, NCS, underage!Cloud, blasphemy || Sephiroth/Cloud || 2,400 words
Angels weren't supposed to be able to lie.  Good thing he wasn't quite an angel.

25 Jun 2008 || R - horror || Hojo, Cloud || 1,470 words
The human body is fascinating.

  • Podfic by Istalindir (download link hosted on Mediafire)

  • Nominated for Best Miscellaneous Fic at the Genesis Awards 2008-09

The Fallen
29 Jul 2008 || PG13 - AU || Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud || 570 words || fusion with D.Gray-man
No one knew what their story was.

29 Jul 2008 || PG13 - AU || Zack+Cloud || 680 words || fusion with The Warrior's Heir
“This is Specimen C,” the wizard said disinterestedly. “Stand up, boy.”

Playing God
11 May 2008 || PG13 - AU, humiliation, death || Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud || 2,300 words
They made him roll over on the marble floor like a dog. They made him beg.

21 Apr 2008 || PG || Zack, Cloud, Sephiroth, Angeal, Genesis || 440 words
When Zack is bored and thinks too hard.

16 Apr 2008 || R - sexuality, blasphemy || Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud || 3,700 words
In the beginning was the Word, and perhaps it was somewhat ironic that the human's mouth was now doing things that innocence shouldn't know about.
Life, According to Zack
16 Jan 2008 || PG13 || Sephiroth/Zack(/Cloud) || 1,700 words
Zack and the meaning of life, which may or may not coincidence with the ancient philosophy of Wutai.

18 Dec 2007 || PG13 || Sephiroth/Zack/Cloud || 2,300 words
Cloud was desperate to be an adult, Zack never wanted to be one, and Sephiroth hadn't even known there was a choice.

Anywhere Out of the World
7 Sep 2007 ||PG || Zack, Cloud || 1,470 words
Cloud didn't learn how to ride from Zack. If you move fast enough, no one can catch you.

Sotto Voce
5 Apr 2007 || PG13 || Cloud, Zack, Sephiroth || 1,200 words
Cloud may not speak all that often or that loudly, but he doesn't have to, as long as the right people are listening.

Mama's Boy
27 Feb 2007 || PG || Missus Strife || 1,500 words
A mother's thoughts on the son she did not learn to love until everything had been ruined.

White Rabbit
23 May 2006 || PG13 - drug-use, innuendo, crack || Sephiroth/Cloud, Zack || 2,100
Zack, Cloud, a free evening, and some psychedelics. Planet, whatever shall they do?

  • Edited 11 Nov. 2007

Divinity's Liar
23 May 2006 || PG  || Hojo, Sephiroth || 650 words
Perhaps God was not so mundane a construct. After all, Hojo had created one.

Final Fantasy VIII
Avoidant Tendencies
13 Jul 2006 || PG13 - language, innuendo || Squall/Seifer || 2,400
Squall is torn between his duties as Commander and his obligations to a sick, irritable Seifer.

A Death Foretold
27 Apr 2006 || PG13 - violence || past Squall/Seifer || 1,200 words
We all knew Squall was cold. After all, mercenaries kill for the highest bidder.
4 Mar 2006 || PG13 - language, outsider POV || Squall/Seifer || 4,800 words
Leonhart was the intimidating Commander of Garden, and Almasy was the feared Former Bad Guy. Everyone knew they hated each other, and all was right with the world. At least, until a few cadets overheard a strange conversation.

Fullmetal Alchemist
Rigor Mortis
22 Aug 2009 || PG13 - mild language, canon death || Trisha, Elric kyoudai || 1,000 words
The day that Trisha Elric collapsed and had to be taken to the hospital, Edward and Al were told what their mum had been hiding from them.

Made You Look
12 Apr 2009 || PG13 - language, crack || Roy+Ed || 700 words
Having a reputation for something doesn't mean it's true.

Gundam Wing
Alpha & Omega
Pairing: 1x2x3x4x5
Rating/Warnings: R - yaoi, sex, violence, supernatural, magic!AU.
Summary: Even in a world of vampires and shapeshifters, of black magic and transient physics, the five Gundam pilots were unusual.

Blood Brothers
Complete, 2 parts.
Pairings: None, but maybe 1x2x3x4x5 if you want to read into it.
Rating/Warnings: Implicit descriptions of torture and mention of NCS. Post-EW.
Summary:  Terrorists aren't known for forgiveness.

The Language of Angels
Pairing: 1x2; 3x4
Rating/Warnings: R - yaoi, violence, politics, dark themes, supernatural, AU
Summary:  Learning to love death means learning to love life.

death is the ultimate equal-opportunity employer
8 Sep 2010 || PG13 - language, imagery || Gen (1x2 preslash) || 1,100 words || fusion with SPN
Death ain't got an opinion until you go fucking around with his job.

Reverse Psychology (revised edition)
27 May 2010 || PG13 - language, innuendo || Gen || 6,200 words || sort-of prequel to In Possession
Most people join Preventers to protect world peace.  Most people, except Duo.

In Possession (revised edition)
7 May 2010 || PG13 - language || 1+2 || 2,200 words
You know those fics where Duo's horribly abused and needs a dashing savior like Heero to put the pieces back together? Yeah, this isn't one of those.

9 Jun 2009 || PG || Established 2x5 || 400 words || timestamp for Maldoror's amazing Freeport, written with permission.
The mood was oddly sober as Duo slipped the leather collar from Wufei’s throat.

The Cross
28 Apr 2009 || PG || Duo || 350 words
Satan was a rebel too.

28 Jan 2009 || PG13 - language || 1x2x5 || 970 words
Duo was normally as self-controlled as any of the other pilots; Heero and Wufei wouldn’t have trusted him at their backs in the field if he wasn’t.

Rare Is the Man
2009 || PG13 - fantasy AU || 1+2 preslash || 860 words
"Rare is the man who can love Death without regret."

Curved Lines
24 December 2007 || PG - fluff || 1x2 || 800 words
Duo Maxwell was full of sharp edges.

14 Apr 2007 || PG || Duo || 1,400 words
No matter who dies or self-destructs, Duo has always had one friend, trailing along behind him.

Your Good People
14 Mar 2007 || PG13 - language, innuendo || 1x2 || 700 words
Duo answers the door.  If you're a Witness, I strongly suggest you don't read this.

Speaking in Tongues
4 Feb 2007 || PG || 1x2 || 2,300 words
The kind of light dinner conversation that goes on in the home of two certain Gundam pilots.

Virgin Sacrifice
7 Jan 2007 || PG13 || Heero, Duo || 2,400 words
You'd think someone would have been bothered to know that the fate of the colonies rested on five children. Duo certainly is, and makes a deal with Heero.

On (the Day Before) Christmas
26 Dec 2006 || PG13 - language || 1x2 || 2,400 words
The horrors of last minute Christmas shopping.

Silver Bells
26 Dec 2006 || PG || 1x2 || 2,700 words
Duo realized early on that there's never enough time to do everything you want, only just enough to learn from your mistakes.

Kingdom Hearts
All Your Base Are Belong To Us
Pairing: gen
Rating/Warnings: PG13 - language, innuendo like whoa, parody
Crossover: Harry Potter
Summary:  Cloud and Leon thought the destruction of their worlds was bad, but then, they'd never been drafted to teach Defense to Senseless English Wizarding Children by one Cunning Old Headmaster Who Should Be Shot.

Pairing: Cloud/Sephiroth/Vincent/Zack/Chaos; Riku/Sora
Rating/Warnings: R - noncon, violence, sex, torture, dark themes, supernatural, seriously AU
Summary:  Ansem smiled.  His new specimens were beautiful.
'Verse: icedark_elf's Merc-Verse

Pairing: Riku/Sora; Seifer/Squall; Sephiroth/Cloud
Rating/Warnings: R - noncon, violence, sex, dark themes, mental issues, tragedy, FF8 SeeD!AU
Summary: The fine lines between love and obsession.

Twilight Town-verse: Comrades | Circus Act
Pairing: gen
Rating/Warnings: PG13 - parody, some angst (lol)
Crossover: KH/Jak & Daxter for Comrades; Naruto/KH/Last Airbender/YGO/Harry Potter/GW/Trinity Blood/YnM/Jak&Daxter/Jonathan Strange/Wolf's Rain/whatever else I could shove in there for my own entertainment.
Summary: Crackish crossover free-for-all.

30 Sep 2008 || PG - schmoop || Riku/Sora || 200 words
It took a while for the sleepy haze that was fogging up Sora’s head to clear enough to recognize the calloused hand sliding gently up and down his side

Not Like That
12 Aug 2008 || PG || one-sided Riku/Sora || 960 words
There's no such thing as a fairy tale ending.

10 Aug 2008 || PG13 || Zack+Cloud || 960 words
Cloud wasn’t sure if he owed Sora the whole universe or a very messy, very agonizing death.

6 Jul 2007 || PG || Riku, Sora || 290 words
Riku couldn't help but compare them.

Sparkles the Star and How Not to Pirate Stuff
16 Apr 2007 || PG - pre-game || Riku, Sora || 2,200
The childhood promise that made Sora so determined to find Riku in the second game. Or, proof that Riku can be just as annoying as Sora.

Ask Alice
11 Feb 2007 || PG13 - crack || Aeris/Tifa, various yaoi pairings || 2,800 words
With the boys all obsessed with one another, the women commiserate over tea. Yuffie lets out her inner fangirl, and some other things are let out, too.

Deep Dive
7 Feb 2007 || PG13 || Riku || 950 words
Riku knew that the sky and the dawn often came away from darkness with a frost.

Black Sisyphus
20 Dec 2006 || R - rape || Riku/Org XIII || 3,100
Riku lost to more than just Roxas, the first time they fought.

10 Oct 2006 || PG || Riku/Sora, Kairi || 1,200 words
Riku still has things to learn about the nature of love and friendship.

Inspired Curiosity
15 Dec 2006 || R - sex || Riku/Sora || 8,300 words
Sora has some questions for Riku about the birds and the bees. And ninjas really are better than pirates.

Cold Pieta
18 Jan 2009 || PG13 - violence || NaruSasu || 1,300 words
"Uchiha Makoto is alive, Uchiha-san."

Devil's Advocate
5 Sep 2008 || PG13 - outsider POV, hokage!Naruto, ANBU!Sasuke || NaruSasu || 2,200 words
His eyes reflect the blood of his victims.

Tiger Toes
10 Jan 2008 || PG13 - language || Naruto/Sasuke || 850 words
"Catch a tiger by the toe." Naruto kept the tiger no matter how loudly it hollered. Or should that be 'raven?

Shoot Your Mouth Off (revised May 2010)
27 Jul 2007 || PG13 - humor, violence, some sexuality || NaruSasu || 7,600 words
How Naruto wondered about Sasuke’s sex life, how Sasuke figured out he might have manfeelings for Naruto, and then how Sasuke kicked Naruto in the face. Again.

A Feminist Theory Interpretation of Sasuke's Nail Polish
18 Aug 2007 || PG13 - post-timeskip, language || Naruto/Sasuke, Sakura || 2,300 words
Sakura thinks aloud and Naruto's amused. Sasuke isn't.

Untitled, aka Sasuke is Majorly OCD
5 Jul 2007 || PG || Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura || 660 words

15 Jun 2007 || R - violence, dark || Naruto+Sasuke || 3,100
When Sasuke finally realized that with growing power came the cold, he was too far gone to go back.

12 Jun 2007 || PG13 - language, crack || Naruto, Sasuke || 780 words
They may have suffered heartbreak and loneliness, but that doesn't mean Naruto ever grew out of childish pranks. Poor Sasuke.

Whisky Dick
9 Jun 2-11 || PG || Sam, Dean
Postcard!fic, in which there are Scottish Winchester shenanigans.

Hell Is Fine This Time of Year
3 May 2011 || R: language, sex || Sam/Dean || 6,000 words
Prompt: Demon!Dean talks Sam into the role of Boy King.New Verse, Same as the First
23 Mar 2011 || PG-13 (language) || Sam, Dean, gen || 600 words || S6
“So, you’re saying demons have been fucking with us the whole time. Like, not just the blood.”

21 Mar 2011 || PG-13 || Sam, Dean, gen || ~780 words
"Choose," Death says to Sam.

the aftermath (it will be black)
7 Feb 2011 || PG-13 - language || Sam, Dean, gen || 972 words || set sometime after 5x14, "My Bloody Valentine"
There's no such thing as the right words to say.

Long Distance
17 Jan 2011 || PG-13 - language, angst || Sam, Dean, gen || 1,100 words || coda to 4x22, general spoilers through S6
In which Dean finds out that the Apocalypse began with a single voicemail.

they said it was the fall of man
4 Dec 2010 || R - sexuality, madness and weirdness || Sam/Dean || 7,900 words || general S6 spoilers
Sam gets his soul back on a Monday.

In principio erat verbum
16 Nov 2010|| R - sexuality, theology, some disturbing imagery || Sam/Dean, past Sam/Jess || 3,200 words
There's power in names, and they define the world. Dean's defined Sam, until they didn't.

Pulled Pork
14 Nov 2010 || Hard R - sexuality, language, utter crack || Sam/Dean || 790 words
"My ass is going to smell like bacon, Dean."

years grow back
15 Oct 2010 || PG13 - language || Sam, Dean, gen|| 700 words || wee!chesters
For a long time, that was the snapshot that Sam carried of his brother.

close your eyes
16 Feb 2010 || R - sex || Sam/Dean || 340 words
Dean was fucked up and he'd be the first one to admit it but the last one to care.

The Battle of Evermore
15 Oct 2009 || PG13 - metaphysically-questionable logic || Sam, Dean, crossroads demon, gen || 1,400 words
Dean should've known that in a battle of wits over his soul, Lilith would lose to someone who'd actually wanted to be a lawyer.

Reality Check
22 Oct 2009 || PG || Sam, Dean, gen|| 400 words
Science and religion, reconciled over a few too many beers in a seedy bar. Or maybe not.

Satan Fell Like Lightning
30 Sep 2009 || PG - exposition || Lucifer/Michael || 800 words
Castiel saw a great many things.

X-Men: First Class
the heart is the philosopher's throne
10 Jul 2011 || R (sex, language, mention of canon child abuse) || Charles/Erik, Raven || 1,760 words
The thing about Charles was that he wanted too badly to fix people.

I Have a Holy Duty to Unzip Your Genes
9 Jul 2011 || R (sex, language, crack) || Charles/Erik || 2,100 words || Good Omens fusion
“Genetics, my fine man,” Charles declares, unperturbed when Erik has to poke him back upright on his stool, “is God’s finest miracle.”

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20 May 2015
"the fight goes on in this the babylon" (FF7)
"the world has teeth" (Dishonored)
"the world cuts deeper (when love's in my hands)" (Dishonored)
"The Asshole Effect," "You Got It Made," "Human Wreckage" (FF Crossovers)
"Eir's Tomorrow" - completed

10 May 2014
"wasteland" (FF7)

6 August 2013
"The Boatman, Crossed by Death" (Dishonored)

21 June 2013
"crossing the heartline" (Dishonored)
Some housekeeping.