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fic: the satisfaction of being right (ffvii)

The only reason this has any relation to Eir's Tomorrow is because of the characterizations and one reference.  Otherwise it's a near dialogue-only short thing with no redeeming value whatsoever except that it kept me amused while hiding from my boss.

The Satisfaction of Being Right
Characters: Elena, Cloud
Word Count: 224

“Admit it.”


“There’s nothing to admit.”


“I was totally right.”


“Leave me alone.”


“I was so right your gods couldn’t have done it better.”


Cloud shot a baleful look at Elena.  She grinned.


“I was so right it should’ve been made into a natural law.  Like gravity.”


“The gravity of your situation,” said Cloud, with a pointed glance at Ultima, “is rapidly approaching the event horizon.”


Elena made a ‘pfff’ sound.  “You’re such a nerd, Cloud, you’ve been spending way too much time with Sephiroth.  Which brings me back to my amazing precognitive ability.  I was so right I could rewrite the definition of being right.”


“If you have to rewrite the definition, then technically you weren’t right at all,” Cloud pointed out.


“Natural law, Cloud.  Don’t mess with it.”


“Denial must be a great comfort to you at night.”


“Actually, that would be the thought of all your possible humiliations.”


“I’m flattered to know that I’m the center of your universe.”


Elena stuck out her tongue.  “Like a black hole of blackness.”


“I’m so stunned by your brilliance, I’m speechless,” he said dryly.


“See?  I’m right.


“You know, you still haven’t told me what you’re right about.”


“You and Sephiroth just needed a good hard dicking.”


“…Keep talking, Elena.  Then when I’m put on trial for your murder, the jury will call it a justified killing.”

Tags: - fic, - yesteryear, f: final fantasy vii, t: oneshot
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