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I'm mildly annoyed with canopy_walker for making that deal with me that included watching an episode of Supernatural.  She knew that promises of hellfire, Lucifer, and the Apocalypse would convert me to yet another fandom of sinful things, though I suppose it did make me look at something other than death certificates and IRS forms.

Me:  Dad.  Dad.  Dad, check these out.  *plonks books on table*
Father: ?
Me: Okay, you know that show I just started watching?  Okay, okay, check these out.  The Werewolf Book...The Death and Afterlife Book...Field Guide to Demons, Fairies, Fallen Angels, and Other Subversive Spirits...Giants, Monsters, and Dragons...A Dictionary of Angels...oh hey, The Handy Religion Answer Book, that's kinda handy...
Father: ....?
Me: Hey, I've been living in another country for a year, I forgot I had these books.  >:(

Am now intrigued by the thought of Sam and Dean having to deal with necromancer!Duo and dragon!Wufei and - yeah, I should stop while I'm ahead.  Even though Duo and Dean would totally devastate the local fangirl population and Sam and Wufei could bond over the most obscure of scholarly occult things.  <3

I'm hoping to take Politics of Religion, Philosophy of Religion, Faith and Reason, and Hermeneutics when school starts again next week.  Twenty credits in a single quarter, but hey, better I don't have too much free time on my hands, all things considered.  At least moving out this week will cut down on the awkward dynamics of being at the family home.

Will be posting a present for croixsouillees - BECAUSE SHE IS SO AWESOME - as soon as I can switch mindsets from OMG ANGELS to Cloud and his Nordic gods.  Bwahaha, Cloud and Sephiroth never do stand a chance against Zack's schemes.

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