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fic: the cross (gw)

Short, pointless, and most of the meaning is subtextual.  At least in my head.  *sighs*

The Cross
PG; Duo; set in-anime sometime in space.


Duo wasn’t really sure how the topic came up.  He was in Deathscythe and hanging out in space somewhere with Sandrock and Nataku, preparing to face several platoons of mobile dolls and no few Leos, when Wufei’s voice came over the voice comm in reply to something the American had said.


“The word ‘satan’ simply means ‘adversary’, Maxwell. It's not a name so much as a term of office.”


“No shit?” was all Duo could say.  Though the video feed between the Gundams was turned off, he could easily imagine Wufei's eye-roll.  Well, it wasn’t like Father Maxwell and Sister Helen had been going around giving etymology lessons to the orphans.  “How the hell do you know that?”  Weren’t Chinese generally Buddhist or something?


“Distaste for a subject is no excuse for ignorance,” came the arrogant tone, which Duo translated into ‘know your enemy so you know where to kick ‘em where it hurts.’


Quatre said something to Wufei then, but since it wasn’t about the current mission Duo didn’t bother listening.  He was idly playing with the cross around his neck, made from pot metal plated with brass.  Good luck finding gold on L2.


Satan had once been God’s favorite angel.


Duo wondered if anyone would believe that he used to be an altar boy.  Probably not.


Satan was too proud to believe in the power of God.


The only god around here nowadays was the god of death.  He’d be getting a few more disciples before this latest skirmish with OZ was over.


Satan tests the faith of mankind.


Duo’s sudden laughter made Quatre venture over the comm, “You all right?”


“Fit as one of Heero’s Glocks and ready for some good ol’ bloodshed.”  If his voice was a little manic, well, that was only because Deathscythe’s radar had just started picking up the first of the mobile dolls and a Leo, still a few minutes away.  “I just hope Treize is ready play Job in this little political coup of his.”




But Wufei had caught on, and Duo grinned as Nataku’s pilot made a sound somewhere between outrage and amusement.


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