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fic: touch (kh)

Pairing: Riku/Sora
For canopy_walker, because I’m so used to playing the Riku to her Sora that these two always make me think of her</lj>.

It took a while for the sleepy haze that was fogging up Sora’s head to clear enough to recognize the calloused hand sliding gently up and down his side.  Lying on his side, he could feel the warmth from the hand that connected to a larger heat source pressed against his back, and without opening his eyes he stretched languorously.


The hand on the slight dip between his ribs and pelvis paused and Sora quickly made a sleepy snuffling sound, keeping his breathing deep and even.  After a moment of stillness he felt the hand curl possessively around the point of his hipbone and silky hair brush his shoulder, a kiss placed very delicately on the back of his neck.


Sora suppressed a smile.  People were so concerned with Riku’s appearance that they never saw the craving for affection underneath.  Which was just as well, because Sora could be just as possessive in his own way—he hadn’t gone through the darkness and back to kill Ansem because he liked the sights along the way, after all.


He just wished that he didn’t have to pretend to be asleep for Riku to overcome his guilt and self-loathing enough to reach out for Sora.

Tags: - fic, f: kingdom hearts, p: riku/sora, t: drabble
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