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fic: twilight town-verse, circus act

One day I want to have a harem of all my emo boys.  Considering they aren't real, however, this is the closest I will ever get (and is the true reasoning for this 'verse, nyeeheehee).  *chewing happily on gummy peach-rings*  And because Aeris is fucking awesome.

Twilight Town-verse
Circus Act

With Cloud gone MIA after Sephiroth and one of the outlying gorges still full of heartless, Leon had been scouring the market for willing and able fighters.  When Aeris, Tifa, and Yuffie wandered into the ‘war room’ after his mission, they were met by a roomful of dark, silent glares.


“Uh, Leon,” Tifa started carefully, “who are these people?”


“They’re going to help with the heartless,” he answered shortly, looking impatient at being interrupted.


The three girls looked around.  Uchiha Sasuke, self-proclaimed weapon of vengeance.  Prince Zuko, exiled heir of the Fire Nation, half his face still scarred from his father’s mercilessness.  Seto Kaiba, the cruel and ruthless genius.  Kiba’s golden wolf-eyes were sharp, determined to the death.  Severus Snape, the misanthropic Potions (read: poisons) Master.  The lackadaisical Duo Maxwell, laughing boy-terrorist, his boots hiked up irreverently on the conference table.  Father Tres Iques just blinked slowly, having already run diagnostics on every person in the room and wisely keeping his offensive programs on immediate standby in the likely event of a bloodbath.  Kurosaki Hisoka, the delicately beautiful Shinigami that had been slowly tortured to death.  Jak and Daxter, both changed by dark eco, one brutally forced to the verge of insanity.  Jonathan Strange’s smile was that of a perfect English gentleman, but the spark of madness darkened his eyes; much like Hakkai, the quiet scholar turned into a demon by his own vengeful bloodlust.  Riku, quiet and distrustful without Sora by his side. 


Overall it was like walking straight into a wall of ice that spontaneously appeared in one’s path and bashed one’s nose.  All that was missing was Cloud and people in white lab-coats to throw the level of tension into nuclear war.


Dude,” Yuffie whispered in awe, “it’s a crazy house during group therapy.  Awesome.  Have we gotten to childhood traumas yet?  Because I’ve got this story about a guy that kept stealing my treasures and I’ve never gotten over it.”


Father Tres said calmly, “I am not human, and therefore there is no need for me to undergo psychological therapy.”


As Leon—and every other person save Duo, who winked lasciviously—scowled at the women, Tifa lifted a hand to cover her smile.  Aeris didn’t bother hiding her amusement and raised the platter in her hands.


“Cookies, anyone?”



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