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fic: hands (ffvii)

I have Froot Loops to go with my coffee and this makes me happy.

: Aeris/Tifa

When most people looked at Tifa, all they saw were her large breasts and legs that went on forever.  When Aeris looked at Tifa, she saw the other woman’s hands first.  (Those unusual red-brown eyes had been second, reminding her of those yummy rich chocolates Zack sometimes bought her from above the Plate.)


Tifa had hands that in another life could have belonged to an artist or a musician, fingers long and elegant and wrists deceptively thin.  As things were, her palms were calloused and the knuckles a little larger than was natural from intense training.  Small scars crisscrossed the artistic fingers, scars which Aeris couldn’t help but run her own fingertips over during a quiet moment.


Tifa herself hated her own hands, thought they were too rough to be considered beautiful, but Aeris would huff and remind her that she was too hard on herself.  After all, a guy who really understood her wouldn’t care about all that, and Aeris would take Tifa’s hands into her own.  She would stroke those lovely long fingers and kiss the palms until Tifa flushed, and then with a wicked little smile Aeris would nip at fingertips until Tifa decided to put them to decidedly non-violent use.  Then Aeris would be the one blushing as Tifa stroked and kissed and nipped, and she would find it very hard not to fall in love with the other’s hands.


Honestly, they were much better than chocolate.





This makes me curious.  The only thing I'd never change about myself is my hands; what's your favorite part of your body and why?
Tags: - fic, f: final fantasy vii, p: aeris/tifa, t: oneshot
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