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it's been a while.

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Sep. 14th, 2013 | 06:21 pm
mood: hothot
music: MSMR - "Bones"

  1. Got an apartment downtown with Boyfriend and another friend and we're three blocks from my fave coffee shop, you can see my priorities here.  Also a ten minute walk from the wharf with all the hacking of sea lions and the pervasive smell of ocean that creeps through your window at night.

  2. (Which reminds me, fateofshadow, I keep meaning to send you more saltwater taffy.  Goddamn international shipping costs.)

  3. Stealing sporadic Internet from various coffee shops and the community center across the street, but since it is so sporadic I've done more actual reading of books in the last two weeks than the last several months.  Somehow I fail to regret this.

  4. Discovered I still have a problem with spending grocery money on books.  Exacerbated by now living four blocks from the nearest bookstore.

  5. OH SHIT I'm going to be representing the 'sky' realm in the upcoming three-realm-Celtic-inspired Samhain ritual, which means ritual performance!  In public!  In front of other people!  With the Morrigan!  Why the fuck did I volunteer for this!

  6. Found a leather jacket for ten bucks today.  Booya.

  7. Still no full-time job AHAHA who needs to eat

  8. The Assassin's Creed series is giving me feelings.

  9. Writing fic, what does that mean.

fabulous hula

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from: fateofshadow
date: Sep. 17th, 2013 11:02 pm (UTC)

Dude, don't send me sweets if you are struggling to eat (or buy books) because seriously. No. Food is important. Books are important. ...I also have difficulty deciding which is more important.

Although I am very happy that you remembered how much I love taffy (don't really have anything the same over here). If you win the lottery or land a high paying job feel free to send me as much cherry and watermelon as you like. Not peanut butter though, they ruined peanut butter (also most of the American people with 'jelly' every day *shudders*).

And now I am seriously considering sending you books with my still unchanged dollars hidden between the pages. That would be a creative way of solving both book and food issues. If there is anything you need from the UK it might be cheaper for me to pick it up for you. Oooh, and there is a cheap delivery rate for books at the post office. Seriously, throw titles at me. Throw them. I'll trawl the second hand bookshops too, though anything worth the international fee might have to wait until after mum's birthday (1st of October).

Your new address sounds lovely (and I went there- I still know where you live! Bwahahaha!). I would build sand death stars (if you squint and turn your head a little) every day if I was there. I am only sad that there will be far fewer salamanders at your new location. :( And Kali. Did you take Kali with you?

I am so disconnected from my pagan community these days and don't really practice any more but being the freaking sky sounds pretty damn awesome. What does the role entail exactly?

Cheap things, woo! No full-time job... less woo, but at least you have time to read and play AC?

That gif is fantastic.

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